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HPA ECU 18-08-14 M252 TX 2 18-08-14 M36T2  18-08-14 small Boot Release TX 18-08-14


This modern feature can be interfaced to the majority of TVRs with Meta Alarms installed and is a convenient means of operating the boot release for your vehicle.


  • Interface with existent Meta alarm system.

  • Three button transmitter, offering control of boot release and arming/disarming of the alarm, all from the same fob.

  • Two transmitters supplied.

  • For the Griffith & Chimaera, dispenses with the need of having to enter the vehicle and turning the ignition on to open the boot.

  • The Red Code Card of the alarm and the amount of transmitters programmed to the system, are required for advance programming of the interface module.  Should these not be available, the alarm system will require overwriting to produce a new Red Code Card.  This is ideal if the original has been misplaced.

  • As some alarm systems have boot protection, the alarm system may require disarming before operating the boot release.  Again all this can be done from one transmitter.

  • A maximum of 7 transmitters can be programmed to control the alarm system.  Each transmitter is allocated its own position.  Positions 1 & 2 are taken with the transmitters supplied with the alarm, 3 & 4 may be taken by the Boot release interface.  Their positions may be higher if previous transmitters have been supplied.

  • The 16 Alpha Numeric code card needs to be submitted when ordering replacement/additional transmitters.

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